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Why People Love My Best Seller

Posted by Ebonee Bachman on

When I started selling soap, my best selling product was my Royal Enchantress soap. Over the past 6 months, I've been selling a lot more scrubs. The product that has skyrocketed is the Maid of Orleans Body Scrub.

People like it because, unlike your typical body scrub, that can be clumpy; this one is smooth, so it's easier to spread it on your body. You don't waste as much of the scrub as it falls off in clumps in the shower. The scrub contains powdered goat's milk in it, which is nourishing for the skin, and goat's milk soap has become popular over the years.

It has a very light fragrance. This is one of my products I didn't use essential oil, and because anything I couldn't find anything that could replicate goat's milk and honey. I use milk and honey fragrance oil. The scent is light and delicate and a little sweet, but not too sugary. The aroma can really come out in the shower.

Most of the comments I receive compliment how the scrub left their skin feeling soft and moisturized. The bath whip that gives the scrub consistency, the moisturizing properties, and the delightful scent are why people love my bestseller, Maid of Orleans Bod scrub.

This body scrub is inspired by the legendary Joan of Arc. Check out this video for more background about the woman who inspired the scrub.



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