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The Story Behind My Business

Posted by Ebonee Bachman on

I have always been a creative person. Creating and building things as a child led to my career in interior design. I have dry, sensitive skin, so I had a desire to ditch commercial soap. I started exploring products that I could make at home. I decided to focus on soap because I like how you can customize a soap design so that you're essentially creating a work of art.

I started making soap for personal use in 2013. I accumulated so much soap that it made sense to start selling it. I started off selling my soap at craft shows. My first craft show was a success! I broke even, which is always good, but I made a profit. I realized that I should have an online presence too, so I   branched out and started an Etsy shop. The Etsy shop helped me build my business, and that's where I gained my most loyal customers. A few years later, I set up a  Shopify store to sell directly to my customers and reach people who do not use Etsy.

I created Renaissance Bath & Body because I want to share the benefits of quality handmade soaps.

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