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My Best Selling Products

Posted by Ebonee Bachman on

These are the products that I sell the most, whether online or at one of my craft shows. 

1. Royal Enchantress Soap

My ultimate top-selling soap is Royal Enchantress. It is inspired by the infamous Anne Boleyn. The primary essential oil in this handmade soap is lavender complemented with peppermint and spearmint essential oils. I added honey powder and rosemary. People like this soap because of the lavender scent. Lavender happens to be one of the most popular scents among handmade soap enthusiasts. The peppermint and spearmint essential oils are a delicate balance to the floral lavender scent. History lovers who are fans of Anne Boleyn love the historical connection to this soap.

 2. Maid of Orleans Body Scrub

This is a newer product I started making a few years ago to pair with the Maid of Orleans Soap, my only goat milk soap. The body scrub is scented with a very light honey oatmeal fragrance oil that's very subtle. The powdered goat's milk and honey powder add extra moisturizing benefits. People compliment the light fragrance and the consistency of the scrub.

 3.  Soap Gift Box

This is a variety of products packed in a decorative box. It contains two handmade soaps, body butter, body scrub, and a bath bomb plus a bonus item. This is usually purchased as a gift. It makes a wonderful mother's day or birthday present. People love this because the soap gift box contains multiple products that are beautifully packaged. 


Over the years, I've seen products wax and wane in popularity. Still, these are the ones that customers regularly purchase the most often. 

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