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The Story Behind My Brand

Posted by Ebonee Bachman on

When I started off making soap, I knew I just didn't want a generic product. I have a love of history going back from since I was a child. I used to read the American Girl novels, and when I got older, a little bit of historical romance. I loved these books because I was interested in history from a women's perspective.


When I created my brand, I decided to focus on the Renaissance era, hence the name, Renaissance Bath & Body. I read a lot of Philippa Gregory novels. I had just finished watching the Showtime series The Tudors, so I was inspired by this period. I wanted to create soaps that were inspired by these historical women and the soaps to have ingredients, colors, and scents related to the lives of those women.


I also wanted each soap to have a story as a was a way to connect with people who also love history. Since 2013 when I started Renaissance Bath & Body, I've expanded beyond the Renaissance period. Many women led exciting lives and made an impact on the world. I decided to expand my horizons up through the 20th century. My newest soap, the back Pearl of Paris, is inspired by Josephine Baker, an entertainer who lived in the 20th century.


I wanted to create a unique brand and connect with fellow lovers of history. Renaissance Bath & Body is also a conversation starter. Someone may love one of my soaps and get intrigued about the woman who inspires the soap. 

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