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What Makes Me Different

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What makes Renaissance Bath and Body different? What makes me different from all of the other soap makers that are out there? You have your choice; commercial soap brands out, and there are many handmade soap makers out there to choose from. So I wanted to outline what makes me different from the numerous soap makers in the marketplace.

1. Small Batches

I make my soap in small batches. My soap molds can only hold about 14 bars of soap. During one of my marathon soap making sessions, I'm not even producing under 100 bars. I can take my time, and it's just me making soap by hand. It's all for me. I do not have anyone else working for me. I hire virtual assistants every now and then, but as far as making the soap, I am the sole soap maker. You know who is actually making your soap and where it's coming from. Because every bar that you receive, I have personally put my hands on.

 2. Natural ingredients

It was vital for me to omit the ingredients that you find in commercial soaps, which leads to a lot of skin irritations. I always tell people, everything in my soaps, you can pronounce. There are no weird ingredients that may be harmful. I put natural ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in my soaps.

 3. Sustainable packaging

 I've experimented with my packaging over the years. I find that biodegradable plastic wrap works best. I use plastic instead of leaving my soaps naked to keep them free of debris that may accumulate when displayed at a craft show. I make sure to keep my soaps pristine and wrap them, but wrap them in a biodegradable plastic wrapping

4. My Soap Has A Story

Every soap I make is because I've been inspired by a historical woman or a concept in history. Every inspiration for my soap was researched. The colors, design, essential oils, and fragrances I use in my soap is part of that story.


I create handmade soaps to offer people with sensitive skin a high-quality product, and I get to indulge in my creative outlet and love of history. 


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